Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tongues Can Be USed to Control Devices

in the future, people who are physically challenged (from the neckdown) can control computers, manipulate wheel chairs, and operate home appliances.
How can this be done? they can use their tongues. that sounds amazing, byt researchers from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United STates will soon make the tongue not just for tasting but also for moving things, especially for the physically challenged individuals. they are developing the Tongue Drive System, a technology that turns the tongue into a joystick of sorts. the device will transform a physically challenged persons mouth into a virtual computer, the teeth into a keyboard, and the tongue into the key that manipulates it all.
The researchers said using the tongue is a more flexible, sensitive, and tireless option. alongside the Georgia research, a company is California in the United States has already designed a nine-button keypad that can be placed on the roof of the mouth to control electronics.

the device works by using a 3 millimeter magnet placed under the tip of the tongue. the magnet's movement is tracked by sensors on the side of each cheek, which sends data to a receiver atop a rather bulky set of headgear. it is then processed by software that converts the movement into comamnds for a wheelchair or other electronics.

the device enables a person to perform six basic commands: left , right, forward, backward, single-click and double-click

another discovery readers! happy reading

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