Thursday, December 11, 2008


Do you want to stay in a dormitory for a very affordable price per month? They provided Television set for the renters can watch TV anytime they want. They have their own bathroom in their room. THe place is very cool, nice, and peaceful. and its good a news to everybody because their rent or rate per month is only P700.00/head... SEE? i myself cant believed that iam staying in a dormitory for that very low rent.

The owner of this dormitory understands the economic crisis that were facing right now, thats why they decided that the monthly rentals would be affordable especially to all the students studying in UP or University of the Philippines Mindanao, and in USP University of Southeasthern Philippines. JARIOL DORMITORY is located @ Sitio Basak, Mintal Davao City. its near exactly in UP school.

Pls call this number for more information or inquiries: 082-093-0207 or text to +639198773382. Look for Engr. Danny Jariol Sr. or Mrs Julie Jariol.

Please call for reservations.. First come first serve!

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