Thursday, January 29, 2009

are you a computer addict?

you feel empty when you are not surfing the net. you wake up early or stay up late working on the computer. you believe your best friends are those whom you met only online.
these are all symptoms of a new form of addiction that has emerged only in recent years-computer addiction.

cant just stop
the definition of computer addiction is quite fuzzy because the term covers a wide range of addictions. but most experts agree that when you use the computer so often that you cant already do your other activities, and if you are unable to stop using the computer despite negative consequences, you are already a computer addict.
there are those people who are literally addicted to the computer as a physical object. they become addicted to activities performed addicted to activities performed on a computer like instant messaging, playing online games, checking email, and reading blogs or posts on newsgroups. these activities are collectively referred to as computer-mediated communication (CMC). on the other hand, computer addiction focused on internet use is often called internet addiction disorder (IAD).

as with any addiction, there are also signs in computer addiction. Maressa Hecht Orzack, a psychologist from Harvard University in the United States, came up with a list of signs and symptoms of computer addiction:

here are the symptoms you have to watch out for:
* you use the computer for pleasure, gratification, or relief from stress.
* you feel irritable and out of control or depressed when you're not using the computer.
* you spend increasing amounts of time and money on hardware, software, magazines, and computer-related activities.
* you neglect work, school, or family obligations.
* you lie about the amount of time spent on computer activities.
* you fail to control your computer use, even if you have tried so many times already.

Negative Effects :
excessive computer use affects your social, emotional, and physical, well-being. as you spend more and more time on the computer, you spend less and less time for your family and friends, thus relationships begin to suffer.
using a mouse and a keyboard for many hours every day can lead to repetitive stress injuries. sitting at computer desks for a long time causes for a long time causes back problems. late-night computer sessions cut into sleep time, leading to sleep deprivation.
someone who spends hours at a computer is obviously not getting any exercise, so computer addiction can indirectly lead to poor overall physical condition and even obesity.

so do you consider your self as a computer addict?
for me ? YES, iam .. LOL

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Try what i use Daily

hehehehe.. many of my friends asked me what soap i used recently because they've noticed that my skin tone ay medyo pumiti and very smooth to touched LOL.. then i told them that i used kojie.san im not advertising this soap guys, i just wanna share it to you..
so lately my friends are buying the same soap and their using it right now.. and they also like it.. see?? very effective..
wanna try? hehehehe

Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't Forget!

before recycling or disposing of your computer or mobile phone, it is very important that you first remove all personal data from the unit. in the case of a cell phone, you should delete all your stored numbers and call log files. it is advisable to remove personal date from the SIM card or remove the SIM card itself.
Practice extra care and diligence before you dispose of a computer, at it may contain many years worth of your personal e-mail, document, and image files. there are many free hard drive cleaner utility programs available, which may be accessed via any search engine.

FYI only. because i myself didn't bother erase anything else from my cellphones before disposing it. because b4 also i sell my old unit and i did not erase all the numbers from the unit, and the time i inserted my SIM on my new unit, my gosh no numbers was left it is because all my contacts was save in the phone memory not in the SIM memory..

very bad!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TECH Trends

Smart Support
if you think a bra that can turn itself into a reusable shopping bag is clever, you'll find the Smart Bra ingenious. Developed by a team of scientists at the University of Bolton in the United Kingdom, together with the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the Smart Bra is unique article of clothing that can detect the early stages of breast cancer.
The smart bra is able to detect cancer through a transmitter embedded in the bra structure.
The smart bra "uses a microwave antennae device that is built into the bra structure. " a computer-generated image of the breast is produced when enough data has been collected by the embedded microchips in the bra. According to the creators, the Smart Bra is " a low-rish, non-invasive, simple-to-use and cost-effective device that can provide easily interpreted date."
to all women out there, hope it will helps you this post!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your Best Behind

Is you butt smotth, toned and summer-ready? there's a latest enhancements that will have you shaking your booty in no time.

One Top designer said; "breast are so passe - the new favorite body part of both man and women is a nice butt." How right she was? with Hollywood heavyweights like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Fergie flashing their assets, its not surprise that buttock exercises are the most common workout requested by the gym-savvy. We squat, lunge, and step our way to a firmer tush (check out the Get Healthy section for butt exercises you can do anywhere.) but once in a while we need a little extra help from science to steer our behind in the right direction.

1. Plump it up --- many women may feel that they have too much "junk in the trunk", but there are also a number who wish that they could have more. for those who would like more of a pert behind, visit your doctor that offers Hydrogel, its the new generation of permanent fillers made from polycrylamide and 85% is more commonly used as a filler for deep facial lines and thin lips. and also the latest way to augment your butt is the gel being injected with a thin, flexible tube through small incision sites; the areas are then kneaded for proper contouring. there may be slight swelling and a heavy sensation for a few days, but patients have reported that the gel feels very natural underneath the skin. the procedure lasts for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated. the results are long-lasting and permanent. Unlike other fillers, Hydrogel does not get absorbed by the body or broken down; however, should you wish to have it removed int he future, you can.

2. Orange Peel Saviors ---- if you feel that you'd like some help in removing those dimples (commonly known as cellulite) on your upper thighs and buttocks, here are a few treatments that will help reduce their appearance when combined with an exercise regimen and a proper diet. (if you want to do it or to happen to your butt, visit your doctor now and there's a new procedure on how) its like 15-20 minutes sessions are necessary to eliminate cellulite. the procedure is called Carboxytherapy, it also helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

3. Stretched Out ------- for those who went through rapid weight loss or pregnancy, stretch marks are common problem, and were once thought to be permanent. science has not yet found a way to make the marks completely vanish, but there are techniques that will help reduce their appearance. what's the procedure then to eliminate those stuff? the so called Microdermabrassion has emerged as today's leading non-invasive procedure for improving the skin's tone and texture. so what are you waiting for? visit your Doctor now and apply it for yourself..

its so expensive to be perfect. ! LOL

(Injections, lasers and cream can help you get a ravishing rear)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

SpitzTunes -- Happy New Year!

age is not a hindrance of the things you want to do in life, dont get distracted as long as the people still want the music your playing them so be it.. ROck n' ROll!!!!
i love music so much, and it depends on my mood what type of music im going to play or to listen, there are times that i like old songs, sometimes the latest one.. so music is part of our daily lives....
enjoy the weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Do you Know the Difference Between Stretch MArks and Cellulite?

whew this are just beauty tips peeps.. hehehe.. i just want to share what ive read in the magazine i bought this morning.
here's the differences between the two:

cellulite ----- is fat and fibrous tissue in the subcutaneous layer of the skin that gives off the appearance of lumps or dimples along the thighs, hips, buttocks, and sometimes stomachs. more women that men are prone to cellulite, making scientist believe it might be hormonal and it appears on the skin of both thin and fat women.

stretch marks --- are a form of scarring usually linked to pregnancy, obesity, bodybuilding and to a lesser extent puberty. they appear when skin is overstretched, disrupting, and normal production of collagen. they commonly appear first as lighter color. in darker women, they may actually stay darker than the skin tone.

whew! hope you've all know the difference now.... watch out for my next post about beauty tips and trends....

see yah all

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Writing, A Romance

which things or stuff that u cant leave the house without it? ME? i cant leave the house without my wrist watch, bag, as in my big bag, whats inside? my make up kit, wallet, sanitary napkins, handy towel, ballpen, and my PLANNER.

my planner is my memory, downloaded and preserved in hard copy.if i left the house without my planner i would be incapacitated. i wouldnt be able to think, for fear that something earth-shattering would occur to me, and i would have nothing to record it in. and since this earth-shattering idea would not be written down, it would vanish for all eternity and i would spend the rest of my life trying to recover that lost idea. that fact that no idea of galactic import has actually occurred to me when i have my notebook in hand only proves that the idea will pop into my head when iam without my planner.

the one thing that is never discussed in writing workshops is the actual writing -the dragging of pen across paper. i think the true romance of writing lies not in the suffering thats supposed to inspire it of the drinking and debauchery that are supposed to fuel it, but in the physical act of forming words with ink. the blank sheet stares at you, mocking your fear and dread. the emptiness weighs on your soul like an anvil. you take up your pen and defile that blankness. you say no to oblivion.

many prefer the convenience of keyboard and monitor. and its true, but i like to feel the words in my hand, on the dent where my thumbnail bites into my index finger. I am what I write.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to Normal (dude)......

whew my happy days is over.. LOL! what i mean is christmas vacation for my kids are over, and its back to normal.,.. i have to wake up early, cook for their food, prepare their stuff for school, ironing their uniforms, and washing their clothes,.. waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

honestly its really tiring, however do i have the choice?.. oh well actually its okay, i mean its true that its tiring but on the other side its fulfulling knowing that iam the one whos taking care of them ,, and iam happy seeing them that they are happy too...

hmmmm... mother is always a mother,,, i mean iam the dad and mom the same time..

but iam happy being single mom... funky and sexy ,,, LOL :D

Friday, January 2, 2009

New DAddy PACMAN MAnny Pacquiao

Pacman is very proud carrying her new born baby girl named Queen Elizabeth... whew