Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TECH Trends

Smart Support
if you think a bra that can turn itself into a reusable shopping bag is clever, you'll find the Smart Bra ingenious. Developed by a team of scientists at the University of Bolton in the United Kingdom, together with the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the Smart Bra is unique article of clothing that can detect the early stages of breast cancer.
The smart bra is able to detect cancer through a transmitter embedded in the bra structure.
The smart bra "uses a microwave antennae device that is built into the bra structure. " a computer-generated image of the breast is produced when enough data has been collected by the embedded microchips in the bra. According to the creators, the Smart Bra is " a low-rish, non-invasive, simple-to-use and cost-effective device that can provide easily interpreted date."
to all women out there, hope it will helps you this post!

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