Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't Forget!

before recycling or disposing of your computer or mobile phone, it is very important that you first remove all personal data from the unit. in the case of a cell phone, you should delete all your stored numbers and call log files. it is advisable to remove personal date from the SIM card or remove the SIM card itself.
Practice extra care and diligence before you dispose of a computer, at it may contain many years worth of your personal e-mail, document, and image files. there are many free hard drive cleaner utility programs available, which may be accessed via any search engine.

FYI only. because i myself didn't bother erase anything else from my cellphones before disposing it. because b4 also i sell my old unit and i did not erase all the numbers from the unit, and the time i inserted my SIM on my new unit, my gosh no numbers was left it is because all my contacts was save in the phone memory not in the SIM memory..

very bad!

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mike said...

Yeah thats a good point for sure! Take out your SIM card or information on it, delete it.