Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Writing, A Romance

which things or stuff that u cant leave the house without it? ME? i cant leave the house without my wrist watch, bag, as in my big bag, whats inside? my make up kit, wallet, sanitary napkins, handy towel, ballpen, and my PLANNER.

my planner is my memory, downloaded and preserved in hard copy.if i left the house without my planner i would be incapacitated. i wouldnt be able to think, for fear that something earth-shattering would occur to me, and i would have nothing to record it in. and since this earth-shattering idea would not be written down, it would vanish for all eternity and i would spend the rest of my life trying to recover that lost idea. that fact that no idea of galactic import has actually occurred to me when i have my notebook in hand only proves that the idea will pop into my head when iam without my planner.

the one thing that is never discussed in writing workshops is the actual writing -the dragging of pen across paper. i think the true romance of writing lies not in the suffering thats supposed to inspire it of the drinking and debauchery that are supposed to fuel it, but in the physical act of forming words with ink. the blank sheet stares at you, mocking your fear and dread. the emptiness weighs on your soul like an anvil. you take up your pen and defile that blankness. you say no to oblivion.

many prefer the convenience of keyboard and monitor. and its true, but i like to feel the words in my hand, on the dent where my thumbnail bites into my index finger. I am what I write.


Jan said...

I thought you'd say your laptop. I would have said so if I had one...The planner is all right though. Must capture that fleeting idea - it might not cross our mind again. And that can only mean a loss of galactic import, your words. :) You write well indeed. Oh, and thanks a lot for dropping by my blog.

marites salce said...

hahaha... sori jan but sad to say, i cant afford LT as of now... if my blog will earn enough.. maybe that would be the time.,, heheheh

marites salce said...

thnx and more power