Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year... New Life... New Views in Life (2009)

i already welcome the year of the OX 2009, and iam so glad that God gave me another year to live and to survive. and i will continue praying for his guidance and forgiveness for all my lapses.

2008 was not really good for me interms of financial and lovelife, however i was able to handle things out, coz i kept on asking his guidance and help that i can survive all those trials iam facing.. many people tried to push me down and they've almost succeed however i didnt give up. i have to admit that i cried a lot, many times, no more friends, no families, i have nothing except my kids. if it just happened that iam single, no kids at all.. maybe i give up already, but i think of my kids thats why i keep on fighting, surviving as much as i can do.. i would like to thanked to the people who tried to pull me down, the people who betrayed me, because you push me also to fight and to be strong, and above all iam with HIm right now, and also i would like to thank those people who believed in me, who trusted in me, who helped me out and who keeps on praying me always that i can survive.. thanked you so much , you will be more blessed and God has rewards to all of you guys, and you know who you are..

i get hurt, but i recovered, i learned and now iam happy.. thanks to you for all the pain.. ive learned a lot from that experienced. i still wishing you happiness in life and fullfillment. So do I?

and also i would like thank all my readers and followers who keeps on posting their comments and thanks for believing in my capacity.. more power to all you guys...

Happy NEw year!!! 2009 (OX)

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Jan said...

Yeah, we all get a new lease on life every time we wake up in the morning. Even the rich people, even those who cause us heartaches, we're all given the same set amount of hours. So we make the best of it. Di naman tayo lugi eh. And remember not to dwell much on the past hardships. If we can't help looking back here's a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, "We acquire the strength we have overcome."

Cheers! Remember we will overcome. :)