Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rubber That CAn Stretch Lives

are you amazed with how the fleas do their acrobatic stunts of flying and jumping? fleas owe this amazing ability to a unique protein called resilin. Resilin is an important part in insects. this protein allows insects to leap long distances and makes them able to smoothly flap their wings.

From resilin, scientists at the Commonwealth Science and Industrial REsearch ORganization in Australia where able to develop a rubber-like material. This material can be stretched three times its original length without breaking. Resilin according to the scientist, is the nearest material that can be compared with the humans elastic protein - the elastin. Elastin allows our blood vessels to expand and contract. because of their similarities, scientists thought that resilin may be an effective material to be used in restoring arteries.

it is very amazing to know that even the parts that cfan be found in insects can help cure human illness.

WOw so amazing..! Hope readers uve learn new things today!

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