Friday, October 31, 2008

Unscrambled DEbate

sorry chicken fans, but the egg came first, at least according to a team composed of a geneticist, a philosopher, and a chicken farmer.

it is a fact that living things evolve through changes in thier DNA. it is also a fact that genetic material does not change during an animal's life. this means that the only possible way chickens have come into existennce is for them to have evolved from nonchickens.

according to British specialist in evolutionary genetics John Brookfield, the living organism inside the eggshell "would have had the same DNA as the chicken it would develop into, therefore, the first living thing which we could say unequivocally was a member of the species would be this first egg."

Fellow "eggperts" Proffesor DAvid Papineau at the Kings College London, as well as poultry farmer Charles Bourns agreed. "Eggs were around long before the first chicken arrived. of course, they may not have been chicken eggs as we see them today, but they were eggs,"

with that out of the way, scientists and nonscientist can now focus on the other mysteries of the universe. the chicken-or-egg case is officially solved. or is it?

am really hoping readers that uve learned something from this post.. whew.. happi reading.. :P

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