Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Am not Perfect

sometimes in our life we feel that we want to do everything and anything with our love ones or with our family, but still its not enough... they dont even appreciate what you've done for them. sometimes am getting tired and disapointed,, but what i can i do? i cant do anyting than to sarcrifice, its hard to depend with other people though they helped you out.. i felt bad coz i feel am useless, and i cant even decide for my own, iam 30 years of age, i committed a lot mistakes in my life, ive done wrong moves.. am asking myself now what kind of life is awaiting with me and with my 2 kids? i dont have anything to call my own. i dont have anything. thanks God i have 2 angels, their the only thing i have in this world. sometimes i will feel the tears are fallin in my eyes and i dont know why?.. whew

but still i can say life is happy and cruel...

So Help Me God !

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