Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Brother

my brother RAmil is experiencing depression right now.. his doctor says yesterday and he really needs sessions with a psychiatric. because hes done with all the medical treatments and medical laboratory tests and all the results are negative.. thats why the doctor advices my brother to see a psychiatric. its doenst mean that hes insane of what.. just a session and able to share what with his mind...

am praying for my brother's speedy recovery and pls help me pray for him. thnx.. i know he can do it,, its just part of his trials in life.. whew he has 2 kids.. Lord hear our prayer.

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Analyn said...

ganda, we have a commom ailment,,,when I was brought to davao doctors hospital and my doctor was doctor GOnzaga I think,she advised me to see a psychiatrist for the reason found on the result, it was negative ,,it was found out that i have a anxiety disorder or shall we say a depression.