Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First SEssion

yesterday was my brother first session of his psychiatrist with Dr Yeto... and she said that my bro has depression and its okay.. i mean its not too late to cure his depression.. she gave us (reseta) for his meds .. and waaaaaaaaaaaaaa its toooooo expensive

here's are the signs if a person has depression:

** dysphoric mood ----- sad and unhappy
** loss of appetite ------ dont want to eat anymore
** sleep disorders ----- cant go to sleep
** psychomotor retardation ---- everything is so hard to do
** disinterest ------- really dont want to do anything
** lassitude ------ in the morning... feels so tired
** self-depreciation ----- feels not worth of anything
** loff of concentration and memory ------ takes time to collect ideas
** suicidal ideation ---- wants to end his life or wants to die

help me pray of my brother speedy recovery..

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