Friday, October 10, 2008

Why CAts dont Have Sweet Tooth

sweets dont mean anything for cats. they are only interested in fish or meat. thats because cats cant taste sweetness. the tongues of most mammals hold taste receptors, proteins on the cellular surface that bind to an incoming substance, activating the cells internal workings that lead to a signal being sent to the brain. the sweet receptor is actually made up of two coupled pretoins generated by two separate genes known as Taslr2 and Taslr3.

if they work properly, Taslr2 and Taslr3 form the coupled protein responsible for sending messages tot he brain when something sweet in eaten. Sweetness is a sign of rich carbohydrates, an important food source for plant eaters and humans. but cats eat only meat or fish. whether as a result of this dietary choice or the cause of it, all cats-lions, tigers and British longhairs - lack 247 base pairs for the amino acids that make up the DNA of the Taslr2 gene. as a result, it does not code for the proper protein, and it does not permit cats to taste sweets.

whew im learning another Facts today.. happy reading!

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