Monday, November 10, 2008

Give Thanks!

WE all rely on nature in order to survive. But, we have become abusive. we throw garbage everywhere, polluting the environment. it is a good thing that there are people who do something to care for the earth that nurtures us. there are now food wraps that help lessen plastic waste. there is the Tetra Pack Company that recycles used cartons and makes them into materials that will be used to make tables and chairs.

Nature provides what all living things need to survive, just like our parents are to us. this may be the reason why it is called Mother nature. our parents work hard so they can send us to school. they make sure that we finish our studies so we can have a good job and we can stand on our own in the future. in return, we should not be abusive. we should not be asking things that they could not give. instead, we should thank them for the sacrifices they do so we can live comfortably.

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