Friday, November 14, 2008

Restraining Mosquito's Longing for Blood Prevents Dengue

How to prevent the spread of dengue and yellow fever diseases? Restrain the Aedes aegypti mosquitos' longing for mammalian blood. the A aegypti mosquito is the primary vector for dengue.

that's what researchers at Cornell University in the United States suggest. they conducted a study on how to manipulate the mating system of mosquitos. they discovered 63 proteins that male mosquitoes transfer to change the behavior of female Aedes aegypti, to restrain the female's appetite for blood.

according to the researchers, proteins can restrain the female's longing for mammalian blood. they suggest that the mating rituals of these mosquitos should be influenced with the production of male mosquito's seminal fluids. the seminal fluids act as a distinguiser to the sexual appetite of female mosquito's thus preventing the stimulation of egg production and clotting of blood that was consumed from the host.

the researchers now planning to study how to isolatem verify, and identify the targets of the mosquito proteins. they wanted to permamently reduce the drive of the female sexual appetite and decrease their mammalian-blood consumption, manipulate the physiological responses as booster in the production of their eggs, and find a way to control the spread of disease brought by mosquitoes.

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