Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You Can Eat These Plastics!

best friend Nancy and Oscar sit together during school recess to share their baon. Nancy was especially excited that day "Hey Oscar, guess what mom made foe me today." What? asked Oscar. "SAndwich wrapped in edible plastic!"blurted NAncy. "What do u mean Nancy? asked Oscar again puzzled. Nancy explained, Edible plastics are also called food wraps. they look like your typical wrap in size, shape, and thinness. Just like a piece of paper, compared Oscar. Yes, answered Nancy, but it is made froma highly concentrated puree of a fruit or vegetable. Oh really? Can i sample it? requested Oscar. Nancy handed her friend a tuna sandwich, Oscar bit a moutful. Ummmmmm, ... it feels awkward to be eating the wrapper, but it dissolves easily in the mouth and i can taste its tomato flavor., observed Oscar. There are a lot of flavors, Oscar, like broccoli, carrot, mango, peach, pear, apple, papaya, and strawberry," informed NAncy. Why does your mom have to use edible food wraps, anyway? wondered Oscar.
"Mom says ediblee food wraps are nutritions because they keep food fresher. they are environment-friendly, because people will lessen the use of plastics and aluminum foils, which are nonbiodegrable," cited NAncy inbetween bites as the bell rang for the resume of classes.

mom and friends.. hope uve learn something from this post.. muah :P

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