Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tips on keeping relationships harmonious

MANILA, Philippines – Every person in the world aspires to have the best relationship with the people he/she is living with. But times cannot be avoided that there are challenges that have to be faced in order to keep these relationships harmonious.

Talking to ANC’s “Shoptalk” on Tuesday, Francis Kong, president of Success Options Publishing Co., shared what are the possible things one can do to improve and to keep one’s affiliations.

It has been a custom among people to reflect on the things that they have done in the past year and to commit to do changes whenever a new year is about to start. But for Kong, one does not need to wait for a new year in order to “resolve.”

“Instead of saying a New Year's resolve, why not change it to daily resolve, something to stir us and spur us to change every single day of our lives,” Kong posted.

Kong said one has to always carry a spirit of determination and an insistence of wanting to do something to be able to accomplish something.

He emphasized that people need to “understand that we are on a constant journey of self improvement” thus, it all begins in oneself for various relationships to be resolved.

Relationship within the family

Speaking about keeping a pleasant family relationship, Kong highlighted that little things within the family must never be taken for granted. “It's those little things that matter much,” he said.

Giving out some tips, Kong advised to always give importance to your partner and your kids. He reminded people to constantly be expressive with their love through hugs, kisses and embraces.

Quality time together should also be a priority. “Plan that important family vacation that you've always planned to do but couldn't get to do. Make it your priority,” he said.

Also, Kong said that it is important to immediately patch up any conflicts within the family. Lastly, he reminded people, especially the parents, to not regret sacrificing a little social life and spend it with the family members.

Relationship within the office

Meanwhile, relationships with one’s officemates are also as valueable since one practically spend more time in the office than at home.

In keeping a healthy office relationship, Kong pointed out 3 points.

For bosses or employers, they should stop playing titles and be interested in the welfare of the people and build a team. “Leadership starts with you but it’s not you,” Kong said.

For employees, they should maintain respect for their bosses. He also said that one must always strive to expand his/her own skills. Moreover, they should never backstab their co-employees for them to create a great team.

“Don’t compete with your peers. You compete against the image you find in the mirror everyday. You compete against yourself but you complete your co-workers in achieving goals. That way, people will recognize your value as a team player,” he said.

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