Friday, January 14, 2011

5 ways to travel in style

MANILA, Philippines - Headed to places where the weather's wintry cold? Bundle up, and do so in style.

French high street brand Promod gave 5 tips on how to suit up when traveling to cold weather destinations.

It suggested ensembles that include bubble jackets, scarves, coats, turtlenecks, and boots so women can look fashionable as they conquer new horizons.

Style tip #1

Be sure to pack a turtleneck top -- an essential piece that can work with any outfit. Match this with stylish bubble jackets or knit scarves to complete that "model on vacation" look.

Style tip #2

Complement the classy floral top with a gray cardigan, gray beret and a maroon knit scarf to turn heads anywhere in the world.

Style tip #3

A leather jacket can be worn over a cute knit mini-dress and flattering tights for a stunning outfit during balmy weather. Add a red scarf around the neck for instant drama.

Style tip #4

In a sea of fashion-forward locals, stand out with a red pea coat. Complement it with a gray scarf, black gloves, tights and knockout boots.

Style tip #5

Structured gray pieces look extra interesting with walking shorts and a magenta coat. Accentuate legs with high-heeled boots.

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