Friday, January 14, 2011

Sexy redefined

MANILA, Philippines - Anyone can be sexy in his or her own way, but this can't be done overnight.

This is what Michealle Torres, executive editor for Metro magazine, learned as she worked with different celebrities for the magazine's Sexiest People issue this month.

These men and women are not just born sexy, she realized. Getting there entails having a certain kind of discipline that transcends the purpose of looking good in the eyes of other people.

"The new sexy comes in different ways. It does not just come with having a hot body. It comes from being an intellectual. It comes from being a comedian who gives laughter to everyone," Torres said in an interview on Mornings@ANC yesterday.

She continued, "They do it (being sexy) for themselves, for health reasons, for lifestyle changes. That in itself is very interesting."

Gracing the cover of Metro's Sexiest People issue for January is 20-year-old actress Maegan Young. Torres said she is living proof that being sexy doesn't have an age requirement.

"She shed all her inhibitions and shattered the preconceived notion that just because you're young, you can't be sexy," she said.

Torres was also impressed with Carmi Martin, for still "looking fabulous through the years." The comedienne, who is already in her 40s, boasts of a svelte physique and strong sex appeal.

For males, Torres picked actor-dancer Rayver Cruz, who she said is "sexy in the eyes of most women."

"I like Rayver because we've all seen him as this kid who started out dancing and now he's all grown up," she said.

Metro chose a handful of personalities to fit different categories and segments in the country's entertainment industry. Below is the full list of the magazine's sexiest people, as mentioned in its January issue (in no particular order):

1. Maegan Young

2. Lovi Poe, actress

3. Bangs Garcia, actress

4. Tuesday Vargas, comedienne

5. Rafael Rosell, actor

6. Solenn Heusaff, model

7. Rayver Cruz, actor-dancer

8. Bianca Manalo, beauty queen-actress

9. Chris Cayzer, singer

10. Marc Nelson, TV host

11. Carmi Martin, comedienne

12. Xian Lim, actor

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