Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fashion 2010: In hindsight

MANILA, Philippines - The year 2010 was a brave and exciting year for fashion. Fashion experts say we went with the whimsy of the 1950's: cinched waists, big skirts, feminine looks, platform wedges. In terms of colors, neutral, beige and pink made it big. In terms of material, tulle and ruffles went right along with the feminine trend of the `50s.

In the latter part of 2010, tribal prints and dark colors also went in style.

Tribal, animal prints

"Sex in the City" was a big inspiration too because they combined some trends like the tribal. You don't see a lot of the ethnic pieces there but the strong colors and bold detailing highlight the tribal part that was strong in the middle to latter part of 2010," said Metro Magazine Associate Editor Bianca Consunji.

But Consunji suggested going easy on animal prints next year, and wait for colder weather.

"Hold off on that and switch to something more organic, more pastels or florals and nothing as attention-catching as animal prints for the meantime," she said.

Metro Magazine Features Editor Geolette Esguerra agreed, saying she expects less structure and a more loose version of 2010's ladylike silhouette in clothes.

"You'll still have tribal pieces and accessories and you can wear them with some of the trends like loose skirts and pants," Esguerra said.

Neutral colors, pastels

As opposed to brooding blacks, Consunji said there could very well be a resurgence of more neutral colors specially at the start of the year for a feeling of lightness.

"Around February or March of 2011, we're going for softer pastels, like the floral skirt in 'The Devil Wears Prada.' I'd advise people to ditch their darker clothes because it's going to be a little heavy for the start of the year, and move on to fresher, more cottony linen," Consunji added.

She said a softer creamy palette will be in season, citing how big names in fashion like Louis Vuitton and Prada forecast butter yellow and pinks as colors for 2011.

Models wear creations by Rosanna Ocampo and Michelline Syjuco

"We're going to see more neutrals at the start of the year but it's going to be more like '70s silhouettes like 'Charlie's Angels'. Last year there were wide-legged pants, darker ones. It should be more free-flowing linens for the next season," Consunji added, saying fashion is taking inspiration from the minimalism of the '70s and '90s.

"Be a little more minimalist with elephant pants: pair off wide-legged pants with a tank top or an off-shoulder instead of with a top blazer to avoid looking like the '90s," she added.

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