Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's make our homes green

Who doesn’t want to live more lightly on earth? Did you know that turning your homes “green” not only helps save the environment but prolongs lives as well?
Permeable pavers are made to prevent floods. Credit: ANC

Ever since the signs and threats of climate change have been revealed, ecology advocates are coming up with different alternatives to counter the degradation of the environment. Building a greener home today is not impossible anymore.

ManilaCon, an advocacy exhibit initiated by L.A. Ducut and Company to be held on September 2-5 at the SMX Convention Center, presents another social and economic related exhibit. The Green Expo showcases both local and international environment-friendly construction industries that provide materials which are responsive to the challenges of sustainability and durability.

The vision of the exhibit, as explained on Mornings@ANC this week, is to provide a variety of green ideas which will play important roles in the conservation of energies in constructing and maintaining homes.

Wood, still ideal?

Majority believe that wood is the most ideal construction material due to its strength and quality. But a series of tests were made and it was proven that wood can only last for a limited length of time.

Inspired by this, James Hardie Philippines came up with Hardie Flex, a material composed of fiber cement and silica, designed to be a better substitute for wood. The eco-friendly material, aside from being durable and sustainable, is fire-, termite-, and mold-resistant.

“The Philippines having a wet and humid climate needs homes built with premium raw materials to maintain the amount of temperature. Hardiflex, though created in Australia, is perfect for the Philippines,” said Danny De Guzman, general manager of James Hardie Philippines.

Odorless paints? Worry no more

Did you know that it takes four to five years before the toxins from a newly-painted wall can leave your homes? But worry no more because a non-toxic and organic paint is now available in the country.

Fredrik Ekberg, CEO of Pro Paint Distribution Philippines, shared the good news of Flugger Paints--they are odorless, non-toxic, lead-free, water-based, and with low Volta Organic Compounds (VOC).

Flugger Paints promises 10-15 years of vibrant and durable use. The longevity of the product will not only help save the environment but help consumers save money as well.

Recycling styro foams possible?

Styro foam stays forever. However, there are now ways to recycle this product.

Metro Gravel and Sand introduced the Precast Fence made from 20-25% recycled styro foam. This discovery shows how one can get rid of the waste product and at the same time, create a superior product which lasts long.

Eco- and budget friendly pavers for green homes. Credit: ANC

Aside from this, they also presented the permeable paver that could help in preventing floods through its natural pores. It also minimizes the use of other drainage systems and helps reduce other water pollutants flowing into the rivers.

These products show that turning homes "green" is now simple. An eco-friendly haven that's affordable is now possible.

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