Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cristine Reyes: I did not lie about Rayver

MANILA, Philippines - Sexy actress Cristine Reyes has brushed off an allegation that her revelation about Rayver Cruz’s supposed feelings for her was a mere publicity stunt.

In her earlier “SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon” interview, Reyes confessed that Cruz courted her once, but she turned him down after learning about his reported romantic ties with Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo.

But rumor has it that the confession was just part of Reyes’s gimmick to promote her upcoming television series "Kristine," of which Cruz was not a part of.

In an interview with, Reyes said she does not care if people refuse to believe her.

"Sabihin nila kung ano ang gusto nilang sabihin," Reyes said. “Hindi ako gumagawa ng isyu kasi sila ang gumagawa ng isyu sa akin. Kayo (press) tanong kayo ng tanong, ‘yon ginagawan ng isyu. ‘Yon ‘yon kaya lumalaki."

She maintained that she has no intention of hurting or ruining the reputation of other people when she made that revelation.

"Hindi ako nagsalita para manira. Nagsalita lang ako kung ano ang katotohanan, ‘yon lang. Hindi ko intention na makasakit o manira doon sa interview na yon. Kumbaga natanong lang ako at sumagot lang ako," she said.

In her SNN interview, Reyes admitted that her relationship with Cruz did not blossom beyond friendship because of Geronimo.

"Minsan akala mo perfect na tapos may malalaman ka na may sabit pala. Akala ko that time walang involved na iba. Wala naman kasi akong alam sa kanila and ako parang pinakitaan ako na parang wala siyang [ka-relasyon],” she said.

Reyes said in the end she decided that it was better for her and Cruz to remain friends, noting that it was hard to be happy at the expense of others.

The sexy actress’s interview had in effect confirmed speculations about Cruz and Geronimo’s relationship. Up until today, Cruz and Geronimo are still denying the rumors.

As for Reyes’s part, she said she is not looking for a new romance.

"Kristine" will premiere on August 16 on Channel 2.

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