Friday, August 27, 2010

Hair talk with Borge Aloba

He may have shaved his head, but Borge Aloba certainly knows a lot about hair.

The hair stylist extraordinaire was handpicked by Lifestyle Network to become one of the hosts of its first locally produced fashion program, FASH - Fashion and Style Hub.

His segment with model and make-up artist Bianca Valerio, Beauty Affair, provides a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a celeb look from hair to make-up.

"We made it as simple as possible so everyone can relate to it and use it in their everyday lives. It inspires them to look better, but it will still be practical and attainable," Aloba told

He continued, "We'll also give them alternative (products) that can suit their budget. It will be for everyone." asked Aloba to give some basic facts and tips on hair care, styling and maintenance. Here are some of them:

In choosing a haircut, consider your face shape

A haircut may look good on one person, but may seem like a disaster on another.

It's not because one person is more beautiful than the other. Rather, Aloba said it's all about getting the cut that flatters your face shape.

"There's no one best haircut for everyone. It's a case to case basis. It depends on a person's face shape," Aloba said.

People with oval-shaped faces can usually pull off any style, while those with round faces are better off with pixie cuts and tousled styles.

On the other hand, bangs, curls and layers look better on heart-, long- and square-shaped faces.

Black hair is not everything

Abola is a fan of color, which he said "does wonders to your hair."

Black, for one, is a strong hue that can make a person's real age more obvious, he said.

Rich colors, on the other hand, soften a person's facial features.

"Let's stop obsessing about jet black, one-length hair. Let's just do away with that. There are many other colors and styles out there that will look good on you," he remarked, noting that Filipinos are usually bent on getting "shampoo commercial" hair.

In choosing a hair color, consider your complexion, Abola said. (Click here for a more detailed guide in choosing the right hair color.)

Yes, you can wash your hair every day

Some people have believed that washing your hair every day can make it dry, while others think it's a must. So which one of them is true?

According to Abola, it all depends on the climate and a person's skin type.

"In a tropical country such as ours, it's always good to wash our hair every day with shampoo that works best for you," he said.

He added, "Let's all remember that scalp is still skin, and we have to always keep it clean."

Conditioning is for the hair tips, not the scalp or roots

Applying conditioner is good for the hair and can be done every day, Abola said. He stressed, however, that it's not a must for everyone.

"It depends on the hair type. If you have oily hair, you don't have to (apply conditioner)," he said.

Abola also noted a common mistake in applying conditioner -- placing it all on the roots.

Unlike shampoo, he said the conditioner should be concentrated on the hair tips, the part that gets the least amount of oil or moisture.

"There's no need to condition the roots since that's where the oil and moisture come from. If you do that, you may end up with greasy hair. Just (conditioning) the tips will do," he said.

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