Wednesday, August 11, 2010

La Greta accepts Angelica's apology

MANILA, Philippines - Gretchen Barretto has accepted young actress Angelica Panganiban's public apology “with all my heart.”

Barretto also said she respects Panganiban more now because she owned up to her mistakes.

"Iba ang matapang ka lang in fighting for your right, iba when you can own up to your reactions. I see now the real beauty of Angelica not only physically but nakikita ko ang strength of her character and I respect her with all my heart. And I love her already," Barretto said.

Barretto added that “it’s certainly not too late” for them to become friends. “I am also just so willing to be her friend."

"For me kasi parang puro blessings ngayon. It's not only that I have this project, ‘Magkaribal,’ but I have Derek (Ramsay) as a good friend. And not only Derek, but now I have Angelica," she said.

"Its refreshing to know na mayroon kaming mga common friends…. like Bea (Alonzo). She said, 'Ate Gretch, mamahalin mo talaga si Angelica kapag nakilala mo. I'm sure you will get along.' Marami kaming common friend na nagsabing she's nice," Barretto added.

The socialite star even joked that since she and Panganiban are now okay, she will give the young actress red stilettos and they will go to "war together."

The young actress reportedly got offended after Barretto said in a television interview that she wanted to see Ramsay’s solo pictures only after his and Panganiban’s trip to South Africa.

The “Rubi” leading star then posted controversial posts in her Twitter account. Although Panganiban did not directly say that she was referring to Barretto, speculations have swirled that she was attacking the “Magkaribal” female lead star.

When sought for comment, Barretto countered: “You want war, I'll give you war. I’ll be there in my red stilettos.”

Panganiban publicly apologized to Barretto on “The Buzz” on Sunday. The actress also expressed her hopes to be friends with Barretto someday.

According to Ramsay, meanwhile, Barretto and his girlfriend, Panganiban, will personally meet for the first time this week. Barretto invited Panganiban to the thanksgiving party of “Magkaribal,” he said.

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