Saturday, February 5, 2011

Transsexuals hired as flight attendants

MANILA, Philippines - Transsexuals are now welcome to be flight attendants in Thailand.

A new Thai airline has started recruiting transsexuals to be flight attendants for the sake of offering equal opportunities to them.

Three transsexuals were hired last month in Bangkok by P.C. Air, according to a news report published by The Nation.

One of them, Thanyarat "Film" Jiraphatpakorn, 23, is a beauty titlist, having won the Miss Tiffany 2007 tilt.

"At first I thought they would just take applications but not actually recruit us, as happened at other places before," she told The Nation.

The newspaper also said Peter Shan, a P.C. Air executive, revealed that P.C. Air saw the potential of transsexuals to work as flight attendants.

The new recruits, who were hired together with 17 women and 10 men, will undergo training together with female flight attendants.

They will also sport a "third sex" name tag on their uniforms to avoid immigration hassles.

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