Friday, October 29, 2010

The mistakes women commit with make-up

MANILA, Philippines - Despite the availability of make-up in leading stores, women tend to make the wrong choices. After all, choosing among thousands of brands and colors and shades is not easy.

But the current trend in make-up is a "soft" look, according to beauty ambassador Lynnette Cole-O'Nan, a Miss USA 2000 titlist.

"Today's make-up is all about the natural look--softer looking hair, softer looking make-up," she said in ANC's "Headstart" recently.

Former Miss USA Lynnette Cole-O'Nan said make-up should be fun. Credit: ANC

The most common and most recurring make-up mistake is choosing a foundation that is "too white" or far from the natural complexion, Cole-O'Nan said. Often too, women do not know how to properly apply make-up.

Cole-O'Nan was in the Philippines recently for the launch of Pür Minerals at Rustan's Department Store. Pür Minerals is one of the leading manufacturers of prestigious mineral-based make-up and skin-care treatments.

The Miss USA 2000 titlist is currently the company's Vice-President for Global Relations and Spokesperson.

Pür Minerals' new line boasts of the "hero product," a 4-in-one foundation that, according to Cole-O'Nan, cuts down make-up time to 60 seconds.

The product has foundation, concealer, finishing powder, and SPF all rolled into one.

"A lot of [women have] given up on make-up because it irritates and suffocates the skin. It also causes skin to break out," Cole-O'Nan explained.

The hero product is fragrance- and chemical-free and is made of minerals and vitamins, said Cole-O'Nan.

Ditching these "nasties," it has Vitamin A and shea butter, which increase the easability of the mineral make-up on the skin while conditioning and hydrating it.

Lynnette Cole-O'Nan applies make-up the correct way. Credit: ANC

"You just brush, dip, draw, and apply it," Cole-O'Nan explained. "It doesn't matter how much you apply. You're never gonna look like you applied a mask of make-up."

The product is good for all skin types and can be used by anyone.

"All skin types can wear it, regardless of age. We have clients beyond 80 and they love it," she said. "You don't have to be a make-up artist. You just have to be able to raise your hand to your face."

When asked for a make-up suggestion for President Benigno Aquino III, Cole-O'Nan suggested "just a little more powder" for the bachelor president.

"You'll eventually learn the tricks of the trade. We don't have perfect skin but we can make them look like we do," she said. "Make-up should be fun."

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