Friday, October 29, 2010

Buy flowers early for All Saints' Day

MANILA, Philippines - With just a few days left before All Saints' Day on November 1, flowers and candles are very much in demand as Filipinos look forward to offering them at the tombs of their departed loved ones in cemeteries nationwide.

The seasonal high demand and the low supply--no thanks to typhoon Juan's wrath in flower-growing regions in the north--the prices of flowers at markets such as Dangwa Flower Market in Manila have gone up by 30 to 50% as of Wednesday, October 27.

The Dangwa Flower Market in Manila. Video grab from ABS-CBN News

Expect that prices of flowers will go up even higher in the coming days.

So why not buy flowers this early to save precious pesos?

There are flowers that can be bought this early and will stay fresh until All Saints' Day.

Carnations, for instance, can last for 2 weeks. They sell for P120 per dozen.

Chrysanthemums can also stay fresh for 2 weeks. A dozen chrysanthemums sell for P150.

Anthuriums, selling for P100 per dozen, can last from 5 to 7 days.

Likewise, Malaysian mums can also last for 5 to 7 days. They also cost P100 per dozen. (All prices quoted are as of October 27.)

To make flowers last and stay fresh, observe the following tips: Cut the edges of the stem diagonally and trim the leaves, especially those on the lower part of the stem. This will keep the flowers clean and the water in the vase free from bacteria. Change the water in the vase daily.

As for buying candles, listen to the sound they make when you "clap" them together. The sound should be solid and not hollow. A strong solid sound means the candle has been made well.

Choose candles with wicks that are straight and firm to make sure there won't be too much smoke when the candles are lit.

Put candles in the freezer for a day to make them last longer.

Be discriminating in buying flowers and candles this season to make sure you get more value for your money.

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