Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My New FRiend

since i resigned from work, i only have a friend, or shall i say i can call her my bestfriend. shes my angel! shes my neighbor, her name is BELEN, shes only 26 years old. a mother of 2 also, married, still studying, and shes about to graduate this march,congrats to her!

the other week, when i went to downtown, i met this girl also, a very talkative and has a very strong personality. and she offered me something that i can make money! at first while shes explaining i dont really interested what shes talking though.! remember that was only our first time we met and talk!. and that day also she is willing to lend me the vitamins she is selling, even she dont know me yet!.. i really told her, hey u dont even know me personally then you will lend me your stuff?.. she said, i can feel that you can be trusted naman! (WOW) isn't is great! deep inside of me, wow ha,... ang galing..!!!! so i grab it but i paid the 10 capsule and the other 10 capsule im going to pay her in the next week, and she agreed. and of course we exchanged contact numbers noh! LOL... were texting and so on... the next day around, we met again, and i joined the business.!!! its VITAL C actually... until now, were very good friends already, as in like were friends so many years ago.. LOL

life is really unpredictable. RIGHT?

Happy Valentines to all readers

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