Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cont. from my Previous Post ( are you a computer addict)

here are some tips on how to prevent if you are already a Computer Addict o Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)

if you want to get "rehabilitated" read this:

* make specific time limits. set an alarm to go off in 1 hour and end computer time when it rings.
* set aside "computer-free" parts of the day. if your computer use starts after dinner and extends into the night, get all your computer work done in the morning, dont touch your computer after dinner.
* install software to restrict your access to websites that you visit compulsively. find a friend you can trust to keep the passwords for the software so you cant circumvent it.
* make a list of things you could be accomplishing instead of wasting time on the computer, and post it prominently near your monitor.
* enlist family members in high-traffic are of the house. with others looking over shoulder all the time, you'll less likely to overuse the computer. this is especially effective for parents who fear excessive computer use in their children.

hope this post can help you to minimize your addiction in Internet..

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