Friday, September 17, 2010

Eat gold, seriously

MANILA, Philippines - Now you can have your cake--and gold--and eat it, too.

A Pinoy chef known as "Karat Chef" has been making dishes incorporating 24-karat gold in them.

In fact, chef Angelito Araneta, Jr., is known for creating the world's most expensive sushi which costs P198,999.00. The gold he put in it drove up the price of the dish.

In an interview on "Umagang Kay Ganda" on ABS-CBN on Wednesday, Araneta said our bodies naturally have a bit of gold content.

"Natural na may ginto sa katawan natin. Ang tubig natin, may percentage din ng gold," he said, adding this is the reason why people won't have an allergic reaction when eating bits of gold.

Araneta recommends using only 24-karat gold in dishes to make sure it's edible. If the gold used is less than 24 karats, "edible pa rin pero di tayo nakakasiguro kung walang allergic reaction," he said.

For the morning TV show, Araneta created three dishes infused with 24-karat gold: The Noble Heart Pendant, The Unnamed Cake, and Granola La Traviata.

The Noble Heart Pendant, a dish with gold leaf

The Unnamed Cake

Granola La Traviata

"Sobrang nipis na gold ang ginamit natin para sure tayo na kahit gaano karaming cake kainin, 'di makakasama," Araneta said.

The chef said just one piece of chocolate coated in gold may fetch a price of P1,200.

Araneta's cakes have been used for wedding proposals, wedding ceremonies, and engagement parties.

According to him, special orders for cakes and dishes with gold take 3 weeks to do: one week for tasting, one week for design, and one week for preparation.

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