Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet with Mar went well - Noynoy

Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III disclosed on Sunday that his initial talks with Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II and Liberal Party (LP) leaders are going well.

Roxas had earlier confirmed that he and Aquino will meet this weekend to discuss the possibility of running as partners in 2010. He said there have been ideas of a Mar-Noynoy tandem even before Aquino's mother the late President Corazon "Cory" Aquino died.

“Nag-share ako sa kanila ng mga feedback, ito ang mga natatanggap ko… Maganda ang aming meeting,” said Aquino in a short interview at his family’s house in Quezon City Sunday afternoon.

He said however that talks would continue especially during this long ‘weekend’ at the same time apparently avoiding to present exact details on the contents of his meeting Saturday night.

“May continuing dialogues pa,” said Aquino.

He said that he and Roxas were a bit tired Saturday night citing that LP ‘s declared presidential aspirant had just come from General Santos City.

He admitted that he himself, has been attending to the many letters in connection to the death of his mother the late former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino. He cited that there still four boxes of letters that he needs to respond to – and some still have ‘get well’ messages for his late mother.

Aquino also said that the LP was fortunate that the party has “great leaders.” He said the party leaders has expressed their support during the meeting.

When asked if there has been any decision to change Roxas as the LP standard bearer, Aquino said: “As of this time there is no need for any change, there is only one declared aspirant for the [presidential] position therefore and we have been campaigning for our standard bearer.”

No decision yet

He also disclosed that he has yet to make up his mind if he will run for a higher elective position in the 2010 elections.

“Gusto ko pang mangayari kapag tinanggap ko ang hamon niyo dapat mayroon tayong magawa. Kung nababagalan kayo sa desisyon tandaan na lang po natin na napakabigat po ng repsonsiblisdad na ating pong aakuihin. Kapag pinasukan po natin iyan, ginawa nating madalian, ay parang ginawang biro ho ang nangyari at di po karapat-dapat na response iyon sa inyong mga mungkahi,” Aquino responded when asked on his message to groups who have been asking him to run for president.

Aquino also said that he has been discussing his possible plans with his sisters.

“I've had very good dialogues with my sisters contrary to my initial expectations. Siyempre nandoon pa rin ang 'eto na naman!'. At the same time it is not as difficult as I had imagined. There's seems to be a meeting of the minds tapos varying degrees of 'ganadong-ganado' at di ko rin naman siguro masabing ganado,” said Aquino.

He confirmed however that her sister Viel, who was not able to attend Sunday’s family gathering was still hesitant on his running. Aquino said that Viel was attending her father-in-law who just suffered an accident.

Aquino’s sister, Kris, had also confirmed his brother’s meeting with Roxas but said she had no knowledge on what transpired.

Aquino also said that he would be going to consult his mother’s spiritual colleagues and advisers saying that he will visit the different religious orders and even “convent to convent” to help him in making his decision.

He did say however that an announcement would be forthcoming.

“Until when? Siguro napapalapit na tayo doon,” said Aquino adding that it may be done after the 40th day of her mother’s death.

May be adopted

Another party meanwhile has signified that it will support Aquino should the LP decide not to support his possible presidential bid.

Sonia Roco, Aksyon Demokratiko leader and wife of the late senator Raul Roco, said that her group wants Aquino to run for the presidency in 2010.

“Dapat siguro presidente lang ang tatakbuhin niya. Dahil babasahin natin kung ano ang mga events o ang signs of the times na nagsasabi na ngayon ang panahon niya na tama siyang tumakbo dahil kung 2016 wala na, parang wala na ang momentum, wala na ang crest ng wave na gusto mong sakyan,” said Roco

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