Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sharon ups 'reward' money to P10-M!

Remember the P1-M “reward” money Sharon Cuneta put up last year for whoever could produce “hard evidence” (pictures, etc.) that her husband, Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, has a mistress?

Sharon named that “price” sure as she is that the persistent rumor is untrue and without basis.

Don’t look now but Sharon is even willing to raise the amount to — hold your breath — P10-M because she said she knows fully well, convinced beyond any doubt, that the rumor is the product of an evil mind’s wild imagination.

“In this age of the Internet and sophisticated cellphones,” said Sharon during a one-on-one with Funfare the other day after the press launch of her new album Children’s Rhymes and Lullabies (released by Sony Music), “how come nobody is producing any proof?”

The “old issue” was casually brought up during the one-on-one because Kiko has already announced his intention to run for vice president in the 2010 elections, again as an Independent like he did in 2007 when he ran for reelection.

For sure, skeletons will be rattled and Kiko’s opponents will dig up as much “dirt” (if any) as they can, including the yarn about his having “another woman” with whom he has not just one but two children (daw).

“What else can they throw at us?” asked Sharon. “Everything about us is public knowledge. There’s nothing left to dig up.”

Asked if she’s ready to be a Second Lady, Sharon said she is.

“It’s something you should prepare for.”

Sharon graced the Rock The Vote concert held a few days ago to encourage new voters (numbering more than one million) to register and, that’s it, vote in 2010. Kiko was among those who organized the event.

“I am supporting my husband all the way,” she stressed, adding that she and Kiko thoroughly discussed his 2010 plan before Kiko announced it. “I believe in my husband’s ability.”

Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos is being lured by some presidentiables as their running mate. If Gov. Vilma says “yes,” she’ll be pitted right smack with Kiko.

What if...? Funfare asked Sharon who is an avowed Vilmanian.

“Of course,” she said, “I will have to root for my husband. I’m sure Vilma will understand. If, for example, her husband Ralph (Recto, director-general of the National Economic Development Authority) would run against my husband, siempre Vilma would rally behind Ralph.”

In the meantime, while the start of the campaign is eight months away, Sharon is focused on her career.

Her latest movie, Star Cinema’s BFF (Best Friends Forever), a riotous comedy directed by Wenn Deramas and co-starring Ai-Ai delas Alas, shows to the hilt Sharon’s comic side which has never been fully exploited. BFF pokes fun at the two stars’ physical defects — Sharon’s excess poundage and Ai-Ai’s prominent chin — and moviegoers lap up with gusto the two stars’ self-deprecating humor.

“I enjoyed doing the movie,” admitted Sharon. “It was so much fun that after the shooting, I really missed everybody.”

She’s now busy promoting the Sony album which is divided into four parts, each consisting of English songs with corresponding Filipino translations: School/Learning Time (Alphabet Song, Seven Days a Week/Pitong Araw Sa Isang Linggo, Sampung Mga Daliri, etc.); Play Time (I’m A Little Teapot/Ako Ay Maliit na Pitsel, Maliliit Na Gagamba/Eency Weency Spider, etc.); Activity Time (Magtanim Ay Di Biro/Bahay Kubo, Leron Leron Sinta, etc.); and Sleep Time (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, When You Wish Upon A Star, etc.), plus the bonus track You’re My #1 from Sharon’s Nido Milk TV commercial. The CD comes with a Sing-Along with Sharon Disc 2.

She’s also preparing for her US concert tour that will start at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, produced by US-based journalist Jackie Regala; and, possibly, the production of an indie movie in which she herself might star.

But even if she and ex-husband Gabby Concepcion have recently already “made peace” personally when they crossed paths in ABS-CBN, much to the relief of their daughter KC who had been wishing for it, Sharon dismissed any possibility of them doing a “reconciliation” movie (preferably with KC) — not now anyway...not with the forthcoming 2010 elections.

“I don’t want my family to be dragged into the movie’s promotion and publicity,” said Sharon, referring especially to her and Kiko’s young daughters Frankie and Miel who are too young to draw a line between the reel and the real. “It’s enough that Gabby and I have talked na personally although we’d been talking on the phone.”

And what did she and Gabby talk about this time?

“Wala lang. About small things.”

Nothing heavy, really.

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