Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trivia KaBOOM!

Do you love watching fireworks displays? HEre are some fun facts about pyrotechnics:12 MINUTES this is the running time of the largest fireworks display being played at the Magic Kingdom of Disney Theme Park, "Wishes". it consists of 557 fireworks firing cues and 683 individual pieces of pyrotechnics. the display is accompanied by some of the best Disney classic music, as it tells the story of how wishes come true.

when americans learned to use fireworks, it seemed they got addicted to it. in 2003 220 800 000 pounds of fireworks were used in the United States. the number was increased 2.5 times from 1992. but then, it was also found that in the same year, actual injuries due to fireworks decreased over 70%. Ironic?

1996 == Chinese New Year could never be just one simple celebration for the Chinese. in 1996, a string of firecrackers was lit in Hong Kong to celebrate Chinese New Year. Do you wonder how long the firecrackers lasted? Twenty-two hours!1985 == Musicians were also caught by the wonders of fireworks. in 1985, the singing group Alabama included a song entitled "Fireworks" in their album, "40 Hr Week."

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