Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kembali Coast

Residential Lots:

Kembali Coast will offer only 400 residential lots at 1,000 sqm, giving you the privacy and exclusively you desire.

Our View Lots, located along Samal's highest elevation, boast majestic views of both and sea and the entirely exhilarating island.

Our Ridge/Cliff Lots are sprawled over a rolling terrain that conveniently rewards you with easy access to the beach while still giving you an exquisite peek at the Sulu Sea.

Our Beach Front Lots offer a spacious retreat, each with a private path leading out onto the fine white sand.


Let your worries just float away with the rolling tide as Kembali Coast carries you in its sandy arms and watery lullabies.

Concrete roads with streetlights
electrical and water connections
perimeter fence
gate and guardhouses
storm drainage systems
sewage treatment facility

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