Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Puppy on clothesline photo sparks online ire

MANILA, Philippines - What started as a joke has turned into an online firestorm.

Through social networking sites, netizens condemned a young man's act of hanging his puppy on a clothesline and uploading a photo of it on Facebook.

Jerzon Senador, who is likely to face animal cruelty charges from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), made it to Twitter's trending topics on Tuesday.

Senador has already posted a letter of apology on his Facebook page, but is still receiving several hate messages from concerned pet owners.

Several netizens continue to protest in their own virtual spaces.

"Isabit si Jerzon sa clothesline ng upside down (Hang Jerzon upside down on a clothesline)," said Twitter user KenTuriano.

"Well I guess you can't even go outside now because of your abusive act," said Twitter user IamRHEA16.

"Wag ka papakita sakin 'kaw ang isasampay ko sa sampayan ng kapitbahay namin (Don't show yourself or I'll hang you on my neighbor's clothesline)," said user Jon MacAsaet on's Facebook page.

Others said they do not tolerate Senador's behavior, but stressed that the public should not be too hard on the young man.

"Enough na let the PAWS handle this (That's enough. Let PAWS handle this)," said Twitter user thePrinceJayR.

"Sa totoo lang mas marami pang cruel sa animals kumpara kay Jerzon (There are many people who are more cruel to animals than Jerzon)," tweeted SirHodge.

Twitter user Charlesrainer, for his part, said, "Jerzon Senador has apologized and promised not to do what he did again. Forgive the man! Next step, stop other more cruel animal abusers."

Last May, a physics major from the University of the Philippines was fined P2,000 and sentenced to 2 months' volunteer work for killing a cat inside the state university and then bragging about it on his blog.

The case is the first successful conviction of a person accused of animal cruelty in the Philippines.

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