Friday, December 17, 2010

Fresh, edgy pieces from Philippines' young society designers

MANILA, Philippines - Meet the country's next generation of fashion designers.

Hindy Weber-Tantoco, Rosanna Ocampo, Charina Sarte and Solenn Heussaff presented their fresh and edgy creations alongside accessory designers Nicole Whisenhunt, Michelline Syjuco, Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Rocio at the Metro Young Society Party held early this month.

Young society designers Hindy Weber-Tantoco (left) and Solenn Heusaff (right) with accessory designer Amina Aranaz-Alunan (center).

Each designer paired her beautiful pieces of clothing with stylish bags, cuffs and neckpieces. Ocampo's sweet and feminine creations, for one, perfectly matched the intricate designs of Syjuco's accessories.

Models wear creations by Rosanna Ocampo and Michelline Syjuco.

"You don't have to conform to trends. I don't really follow trends. I make pieces that I like...that I would wear and if other people can appreciate that and they want to wear it, then that's great," Syjuco said.

For her part, Ocampo said, "The dresses have a lot of movement as these cater to the people who have an active lifestyle and have many roles in society."

Heusaff, on the other hand, opted for knit pieces, which she created as head designer of Tan-Gan. Her collection was complemented by the exquisite bags designed by Rocio.

A model wears a design by Solenn Heusaff.

"Metro Society brings together a great group of designers...introduces a lot of upcoming designers, brings in the older ones and mixes them together. It's a great way of showing how fashion evolves and the different styles, so I'm really excited," she said.

Sarte and Aranaz-Alunan went classic but with a stylish twist, while Tantoco and Whisenhunt opted for feminine and romantic creations.

A model wears a design by Charina Sarte and Amina Aranaz-Alunan.
Actress Maegan Young wears a design by Hindy Weber-Tantoco and Nicole Whisenhunt.

The fashion show, directed by Jackie Aquino, also celebrated Tantoco's 10th and fashion designer Rhett Eala's 20th anniversaries in the industry.

The event was graced by society figures and celebrities alike, such as sisters Maegan and Lauren Young and actor Sam Milby.

Sam Milby (center) with sisters Maegan and Lauren Young at the Metro Young Society Designers fashion show.
Models wear creations by Rhett Eala.

"I'm doing the menswear portion with a small collection for the ladies. The first part will be ready-to-wear and the second part will be my couture collection. It's easy glamorous clothes," Eala said.

For his part, Aquino said, "I got out of my comfort zone. I followed the classic format in making sure the clothes shine but staged it in a different manner."

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