Sunday, June 6, 2010

Al Gore-Loren Legarda 'love team' emerges on Twitter

MANILA, Philippines - He's on the heels of his separation from his wife, and she had her marriage annulled years ago. Both of them suffered defeat after seeking electoral posts, and have a strong passion for climate change and the environment.

But will they make a good pair?

It's the current hot topic in Twitter town -- users are waiting for the so-called romance between former United States Vice President Al Gore and vice presidential candidate Loren Legarda as the former is set to arrive in the Philippines for a leadership conference.

They christened the two as "LeGoreda," and were likened to Hollywood couples and local celebrity love teams. A video was even put up in YouTube to pay tribute to the so-called couple.

Mixed reactions

Just like any other love team, the LeGoreda tandem got its share of fans and critics.

Users tried to play cupid on Twitter, saying that a romantic relationship between Gore and Legarda will be good not only for the people, but also for Mother Earth given their green advocacies.

"Dear God, I want Al Gore and Loren Legarda to fall in love. Will entertain millions with few negative consequences. Please make it happen," said Twitter user ageofbrillig.

Twitter user heyessa added: "I can almost imagine it: Al Gore meets Loren Legarda on stage during Manila talk. Audience will collectively go, 'Yihee." Seeds planted.

The newly created romantic tandem, however, didn't sit well with some Twitter users. User ninaterol, for one, said: "Gore and Legarda" OMG, heaven forbid. Please spare Al from Loren. Let's give the guy some peace."

"I wonder how Al Gore will react when he arrives in Manila tomorrow and discovers he's in a love team with Loren Legarda," added Twitter user overlordtrainee.

Loren reacts

If most Twitter users found the LeGoreda tandem interesting, Legarda herself said it's "funny and embarrassing."

Quoting Legarda, "Pinoys are really creative on the Internet. The whole thing is amusing. Gore will not even see me because I will only be in the audience."

She admitted, however, that Gore is a "great man with a great passion for the environment and humanity."

Will the LeGoreda tandem continue to sizzle upon Gore's arrival in the Philippines? We'll soon find out.

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