Monday, July 27, 2009

Richard Gutierrez on criminal case: I'm upset

MANILA – Richard Gutierrez is “saddened” and “upset” by the criminal complaint filed against him in connection with the car accident in Cavite that killed his personal assistant, Nomar Pardo, two months ago. Last week, Richard was charged with reckless imprudence resulting in homicide by Pardo’s widow, Lorayne, before the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor in Imus. In a statement read by his older sister, Ruffa, on “The Buzz” Sunday, Richard branded this move as an “unfair act.” He maintained that what happened on May 22 in Silang was an accident. He also stressed that he was not negligent and did not commit any crime. The young actor was driving the car when the accident occurred. Like Richard, his bodyguard, Jorge Mascora, was also wounded in the mishap.

Richard pointed out that it was an incident that could happen to anyone, citing the reported six vehicular accidents that occurred in the same area.

“Nomar was more than an assistant to me, he was a good friend. What happened in the morning of May 22 was an accident; one which took my friend's life and where I also could have died,” Richard said.

“I wonder, if anyone else had been driving, would Lorayne have sued?” he added. Also in his statement, Richard recalled that, even before the filing of the criminal complaint, he made public his desire to help Pardo’s children by supporting their education, an offer purportedly rejected by Lorayne’s camp. He explained that he made the offer “because I cared for a friend that I had lost and I knew that is what my friend would have wanted.” “Let me repeat this, it was an accident and my family and I will not be pressured or coerced by the filing of this case. We will trust that the justice system will vindicate me in the end,” he added. He said he will present pieces of evidence “at the proper time.”

Richard, according to Ruffa, took a break from work to do some “soul searching for a few days.” ‘Be strong’ Ruffa also came to her younger brother’s defense Sunday. The television host said nobody wanted it to happen. She pointed out that her brother almost lost his life, too, because of the accident.

“Richard was very careful. Hindi siya nag-speeding, hindi siya nakainom. Kung nasasaktan sila, nasasaktan din kami because we lost a family member,” Ruffa said.

She maintained that, like the Pardo family, the Gutierrezes also mourned the demise of Richard’s personal assistant. Ruffa also clarified that her family has never abandoned the Pardos. “Nagkaroon ng pag-uusap ang mommy ko at ang pamilya Pardo. At ang sinabi ng mommy, ‘ito ang gusto naming maitulong sa mga bata. Gusto namin bigyan kayo ng education fund para sa dalawang anak ni Nomar para makatapos sila ng college.’ Kasama na doon ang financial assistance na hindi nila tinanggap,” she said. Ruffa said she hopes her family and the Pardos will settle the issue privately “so that Nomar’s soul can also rest in peace.” She added that her family will always be behind Richard.

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Anonymous said...

i don't think he should be upset, the nerve!! he should be sorry, remorseful, and scared among other things. when will Filipinos understand that driving is a privilege and not a right?? once you get behind that wheel, you're responsible for your own safety and those of your passengers, no excuses, no conditions. if that same case happened in other countries, you're liable for criminal charges, even if the passengers are your own kin, the government's the one going to file a case against you in a heartbeat and you won't get away with it. but then again, we're talking about this happening in the Phils, where the system is backwards and justice only caters to those with money and power. I've always admired Richard, he looks like he's got a good head above his shoulders, but this is an eye-opener. Shame on you!!! You're not a real man!! A real gentleman with dignity will still be humble, keep quiet and accept whatever hurtful remarks the family may throw at you because that's a given. It's a normal reaction especially by the grieving wife/family who lost a husband, father, brother and son. No amount of Richard's pain can equal that. Good thing she didn't slap RG the first time she saw him at the wake, so I salute the wife for being strong, level-headed and dignified amidst all this. Again, very shameful and disappointing on the part of the Gutierrezes